My story with Siberians began in 1991 when I purchased my first dog, a diluted-black male with brown eyes. His official name was "Tango", a grandson of Ch.Innisfree´s Chateaugay, litterbrother of the famous Ch.Innisfree´s Tradewind.

With Tango we attended our first dog shows, and altough we didn´t get any championship we learn a lot about this exciting world of showing purebreed dogs.

After "Tango" we got a red bitch, brown eyed too, named "Tara". Now you can guess where our kennel name comes from, TANGOTARA.

We are located in Badajoz, a small city in the South-West of Spain, in the frontier with Portugal.

We do not consider ourselves as big breeders. Breeding and showing Siberians is our passion and never a business. We own a very limited number of Siberians and breed very few litters, what gives us the chance of giving the time that every dog needs and enjoy our daily lifes with them. Our dogs are members of our families and they live in the house with us.

Our aim is to breed typical, healthy and equilibrated Siberians.

Socialization is very important to ensure a good temperament as adult dogs.

All Siberians in our breeding programme are or have been showed under recognised FCI judges and all are hips and eyes checked and clear.

Please visit the "Puppies" section if you wish to know something more about our breeding philisophy.

Special thanks to all our friends and owners of Tangotara siberians for their friendship, cares and dedications to your dogs. Thank you friends !!

Don´t hesitate to contact us for more info.

Leonor Soriano  "TANGOTARA siberians"